The best theme parks in Australia for kids (2023)


The best theme parks in Australia for kids

November 22, 2022by Holidays with Kids

From scenic train rides to mini Ferris wheels, the kids will be screaming “best day ever!” at the best theme parks in Australia.

Families, thrillseekers and everyone in between, if you’re itching for your next adrenaline-filled day out, these Australian theme parks are the best of the best! From the dolphins of Sea World to the water slides of Wet’n’Wild, we’ve got the ultimate guide for you.

Theme parks and fun go hand in hand. Packed with electrifying rides, amusing games, carnival-like entertainment and finger-licking food, it’s no surprise that all ages enjoy a visit to these whimsical wonderlands. With little ones smiling from ear to ear and tired out by the end of the day (and hopefully peacefully snoozing by bedtime that night), it’s a win-win for parents too. Have a hard-to-please teen with you? Then the dizzying heights and heart-stopping speeds on offer will be sure to exhilarate even the most family-fun resistant youngster.

Warner Bros. Movie World

Gold Coast, QLD

For little movie buffs, Warner Bros. Movie World will be impossibly to get the kids to leave. Everyone from Road Runner to Batmangets their moment of fame here. Are you an old-school Looney Tunes fan, adore all things Scooby and Shaggy, or get starstruck by the DC Super Heroes? There are plenty of photo ops with your faves at this Gold Coast theme park. Then check out the 27 rides and a heap of character-packed attractions, the kids are sure to find all their favourites.

Adrenaline junkies need to check out the DC Rivals Hypercoaster, the longest, tallest and fastest coaster in the Southern Hemisphere. This 1.4-kilometre ride hits speeds of up to 115 kilometres per hour, and those who really want to commit to the experience can opt to face backwards.

Head to Main Street for the daily meet and greets with Tom and Jerry just be sure to keep an eye out for their cheeky tricks. While you’re there, you might also spot the mischief-making Harley Quinn and her sidekick Mr. J.

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Sea World

Gold Coast, QLD

Part theme park, part marine sanctuary, Sea World offers visitors the best of both worlds. Budding marine biologists will be in awe of the huge array of marine animals, from polar bears and penguins to rays, that the park’s team looks after. There are also opportunities to meet seals and dolphins up close. Spotting sharks from a glass-bottomed boat will get a grin out of even the most stoic kid.

It’s not all animals and education though – kids can meet their favourite Nickelodeon characters, and thrill-seekers can take their pick of rides, exhibits and precincts.

Does tumbling through the air 18 metres above sea level sound like your idea of a good time? Riders aged 10 and over can ride the Vortex in the Atlantis precinct. It reaches speeds of 30 kilometres per hour and completes a 360-degree rotation. Brave the ride before treating yourself to a ginormous, rainbow-coloured cotton candy frappe from Village Bean. For those with energy to burn – or a sugar rush – the Leviathan, a kid-friendly wooden coaster, and the Trident, a 52-metre tower ride with views of Broadwater and beyond should be next on the list.


Gold Coast, QLD

Dreamworld is the biggest of the Gold Coast’s theme parks. Visitors can come face to face with the jungle’s most fearsome predator on Tiger Island, and meet Javi and Zakari, the park’s newest tiger cubs. The park’s thrill rides will have you spinning, dropping and speeding through the air. Sky Voyager will have you soaring away across 12 of Australia’s most exciting regions using immersive special effects.

The Steel Taipan is a reptilian rollercoaster with a top speed of 105 kilometres per hour, a G-force of +3.8, 1.2 kilometres of gut-lurching twists and turns.

For those with little ones in tow, the Dreamworld Express departs every 30 minutes for a scenic jaunt around the park. Toot, toot, all aboard!

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Wet ‘n’ Wild

Gold Coast, QLD

Get ready for a theme park of splash-tastic proportions at Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast.

Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast is home to 22 thrill rides, slides and attractions. As well as four precincts to splash into and start having a ball. Jump on the Kamikaze for the ultimate adrenaline rush, with an almost-11-metre vertical drop, and your two-person tube will reach up to 50 kilometres per hour!

Australia’s tallest water park slide tower has three roaring slides and a massive tropical splash zone. Experience zero gravity and reach speeds up to 41 kilometres per hour on the 10-metre-drop of KABOOM!, tear around the bends of the side-by-side 12-metre body racer Super Ripper, and grab a friend to plummet down the 12-metre-tall Double Barrel raft slide, before chilling out at the 870-square-metre H2Oasis – which comes with plenty of shade and seating for parents in need of a break.

Luna Park Melbourne

St Kilda, VIC

Hanging out in the famous Melburnian suburb of St Kilda, Luna Park is a historic theme park that still packs a punch. The park has been operating for over 100 years. From the moment you step through Mr. Moon’s mouth you are greeted by a world of wonder, there are attractions that shoot you into the sky and carousels that leave you dizzy. Overlooking Port Phillip Bay, The Great Scenic Railway coaster is still one of the most popular rides in the park, despite being the oldest continually operating wooden rollercoaster in the world.

Adventure World

Perth, WA

Home to thrills, chills and everything in between, Adventure World is Perth’s only water park-theme park and has over 25 attractions to enjoy.

From the scream-inducing Goliath to the favourite of tiny tots, the Kahuna Falls splash park, there’s something for everyone. Tackle the twists and turns of Abyss, one of Australia’s favourite roller coasters.

Older kids might also like to dive into the Kraken, the longest, tallest and steepest funnel water slide on the planet, defy gravity on the Rampage or gear up for Goliath, a thrilling 15-metre pendulum swing.Younger adventurers will enjoy the enchanting Dragon’s Kingdom and Hawaiian resort-themed Kahuna Falls.

Open from September to April annually, a visit to Adventure World should be on your Australian theme park bucket list.

Adventure Park Geelong

Geelong, VIC

An hour from Melbourne, Adventure Park Geelong has all the ingredients for a fabulous family day out. It is Victoria’s biggest water theme park and worth visiting for water thrills.

Drift down the lazy river, splash on the water play zone, hit the mini-golf course for a hole-in-one or rip down The Tsunami, the park’s giant water slide. At an incredible 7.5 storeys high and 172 metres in length, we can guarantee you’ve never seen a triple funnel water slide like this monster before.

There are also classic dry rides and ticket prices are based on height, not age. Entry is free for kids under 90 centimetres with bigger kids at $46 for 90 to 120 centimetres and $56 for over 120 centimetres.

Raging Waters

Western Sydney, NSW

The perfect place for a summer splash, Raging Waters is Sydney’s biggest water park and a favourite for water babies and sunshine searchers. Turn around and upside down on The Cyclone, face your fears in the T5 or whizz down the one-of-a-kind Whirlwind slide to satisfy the need for speed. Littlies looking for less thrill and more chill can head to Nickelodeon Beach, which features mini versions of the park’s most famous rides among their 10 rides, as well as a kid-friendly Dinosaur Lagoon.

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Gumbuya World


Gumbuya World is Victoria’s only water, wildlife and theme park. The theme parks has four worlds including; Oasis Springs, Oz Springs, Outback Explorers and the Gumbuya Wildlife Park. The theme park is only 50 minutes southeast of Melbourne.

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Funfields Themepark

Whittlesea, VIC

When you visit Funfields Themepark, you go to a whole new world – or two, or three, or four! The Mystic Kingdom medieval themed kids zone should be the first stop on your list, with the magical Pony Xpress Carousel twist on the classic funfair ride and the Dragon’s Revenge Ride to send you soaring skywards.

There are ample opportunities to cool off at Amazonia falls. The jungle-themed falls have a tipping bucket, slides, paddle pool and water cannons. There’s a separate paddle pool for kiddies under 130 centimetres. As well as a wave pool and numerous water slide rides.

Luna Park Sydney

Milsons Point, NSW

A staple along the Sydney Harbour, Luna Park Sydney has wide-grinning gates at its entrance. Based on the original Luna Park in New York City, the park was first opened in 1935.

Favourite rides include the timeless Rotor, the Tango Train and the old-school funhouse, Coney Island. The Big Dipper, an icon of the park in the ’90s, has been updated to be faster, with top speeds in excess of 70 kilometres per hour.

New rides have been added including six for little ones, including the baby coaster Little Nipper, a pint-sized Ferris wheel called Bug, and Silly Sub the flying submarine. It has also added the first ‘inline seating launch’ roller coaster of its kind in the world – it is just one seat wide (eep).

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Aussie World

Sunshine Coast,QLD

Thanks to Aussie World, there’s more than sun, surf and sand waiting for you on the Sunshine Coast. Enjoy hair-raising highs on the SX360. The ride takes the title of Australia’s tallest and fastest 360-degree pendulum swing and also the Sunshine Coast’s first tier 1 thrill ride. Hitting speeds of 80 kilometres per hour, while catapulting 32 metres into the air and completing four inversions up to +5Gs, it’s not for the faint of heart.

The action doesn’t end there: the theme park’s first rollercoaster, a seven-car ‘spinning coaster’ soars to heights of 14 metres at 72 kilometres per hour.

The best theme parks in Australia for kids (15)

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